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Building and Sustaining a Vibrant International Business Sector


International business is known to be a very significant and leading contributor to the economies of most developing nations. For countries such as Barbados to be successful in attracting sustainable international businesses of substance in today’s highly competitive world, it is important that structural policies must be in place that will lead to an environment that is conducive to business. Additionally, a broad strategic approach to investment policy and promotion is essential to address the rapidly changing world environment.

International Business has been a mainstay of the Barbadian economy since the 1960s. Barbados continues to enhance its position as a world-class jurisdiction in spite of the growing challenges facing International Financial Services Centres (IFCs). Our country recognises that to achieve competitive strength and the required growth there must be a well-defined corporate strategy and marketing plan in place.

Over the years Barbados has expanded its scope significantly to include a wide range of businesses that have the expertise, reputation and global reach to significantly impact the country’s economic activity. Today its international business sector continues to contribute significantly to the economy – the most recent estimate being Bds$874 million by way of taxes and other spend.

Written by Emeline Taitt, CEO, Invest Barbados; article is featured in the 2015 edition of Business Barbados



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