Starting A Business In Barbados

Barbados wants your investment and the Invest Barbados facilitation team makes it as seamless as possible for you to start or expand business operations in Barbados.

Yes, there are some steps you have to follow. But we’ll be here every step of the way, offering advice and guidance. Below are some of the legal requirements for starting a business in Barbados. You’ll see that some of these steps only apply to certain types of business (such as medical services or insurance companies). 

Many of these registrations can now be done online for a quicker, more efficient process and corporate attorneys can of course assist with the paperwork and submissions. 








Registration by sector:




  • Restaurants, bars or food processing: Apply to the Ministry of Health & Wellness
    +1 (246) 536-3800 | 





  • Apply for a foreign currency permit from the International Business Unit (Ministry of Energy and Business Development including International Business) if 100 percent of your income will be in foreign currency. 
    +1 (246) 535-7200 | Contact form


And if you’ll be shipping your products to the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Columbia and CARICOM member countries, first register with the Certification Department of Export Barbados (Barbados Investment Development Corporation) to facilitate duty free entry. 

+1 (246) 427-5350 |