Barbados International Rankings

For a small island we really pack a punch on the international stage, and we’re proud of what we have achieved as a nation – socially and economically.

Barbados’ achievements are recognised by well-respected international bodies like the United Nations, World Economic Forum and Transparency International and reflected in our high ranking in several reports and indices. Don’t just take our word for it – have a look at the stats below.

Indicator Number of countries/ economies surveyed Ranking Region Publication Year published
Human Development Index [1] 191 9 Latin America/ Caribbean United Nations Human

Development Report

11 Americas
Speedtest Global Index (fixed broadband) 180 9 Latin America/ Caribbean Speedtest Global Index 2023
11 Americas
52 Worldwide
Transparency  180 3 Latin America/ Caribbean Transparency


Corruption Perceptions


29 Worldwide
Economic Freedom [2] 176 3 Latin America/ Caribbean Index of Economic


5 Americas
Soundness of Banks 141 3 Latin America/ Caribbean Global Competitiveness


49 Worldwide
Global Competitiveness 141 9 Latin America/ Caribbean  Global Competitiveness


77 Worldwide
Passports 199 passports / 227 destinations 23 Worldwide The Henley Passport Index: Q1 2023 Global Ranking 2022
1 Caribbean
4 Latin America/Caribbean 

Updated: May, 2023

[1] The Human Development Index (HDI) combines a number of indexes: life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide. It is a measurement of a country’s development.

[2] This demonstrates the relationship between economic freedom and positive social and economic values.