The Barbados Diaspora

There are over 100,000 Barbadians in the diaspora – with strong family and cultural ties to the island. Barbados welcomes you home to be part of our bright future. 

Home pulls at the heartstrings. Whether cooking cou cou and sipping on Bajan rum on a Sunday, or cheering on our cricketers or Olympic athletes, Bajans are loyal and nostalgic about home.

The diaspora has an important role to play in our economic growth and development. Bajans overseas have considerable spending power, and choosing to buy Bajan exports like rum, and coming home on vacation brings important foreign exchange back to the island. But you also have a big contribution to make with your skills and expertise, support for local and diaspora initiatives, philanthropic contributions, and direct investment.

Barbados Diaspora Investment Opportunities

There are many investment opportunities for the Barbados diaspora. Have you always dreamed of coming home and opening an eco-lodge overlooking the sea? Returning to the land by getting into sustainable agriculture? Or maybe put your international tech experience to good use by investing in renewable energy? The possibilities are endless and Barbados will welcome you with open arms. Some sectors identified as priority areas for the government have attractive incentives for investors.

“Investment opportunities are endless, and Barbados welcomes you home with open arms”

Have a look at our investment opportunities page for inspiration. This list is not exhaustive, and many from the Barbados diaspora have invested in health care businesses, retirement/elderly care facilities, housing developments, transport services and cultural industries (including literary, performing and creative arts).

The Barbados diaspora is also encouraged to invest in Barbados Government Securities. More information is available from the Central Bank of Barbados and the Barbados Stock Exchange Inc.

Donations from the Barbados Diaspora

For Barbadians in the diaspora wanting to make a contribution to the development of the country, there are many ways to do so. 

The National Philanthropic Programme encourages a ‘culture of giving’ to Barbados’ national development, with a focus on public healthcare institutions and a number of key environmental, education and community-based initiatives.

The Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) is a non-profit organisation offering community minded, commercial enterprises the chance to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the Barbados tourism industry. The TDC is currently compiling a list of potential investment projects for people and organisations wishing to make donations.

Barbados has many charities and non-profit organisations doing vital work to support the most vulnerable in our society, and invest in the development of the country. You may have a personal connection to one of the causes such as the Barbados Cancer Society or want to contribute to a particular area, such as early education. Have a look at our philanthropy page for a list of Barbados charities and nonprofits accepting donations for their work.

Returning home – Barbados Network Programme

Barbados is ready to welcome you home. Many Barbadians in the diaspora choose to relocate back to the island. The Barbados Network Programme (formerly known as the Returning National Programme) offers attractive incentives to Barbadian nationals returning to the island. These include attractive duty-free concessions on personal effects, and one vehicle per family. 

Whether you’re returning home to retire, or coming home with skills to contribute to the economy, Barbados is ready to welcome you home.