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Barbados Remains a Preferred Location for International Business


This year, Barbados celebrates an important milestone - its 50th anniversary as a sovereign nation. Yet few people know that Barbados has been successfully attracting international business for as long as the country has enjoyed status as an independent nation. In fact, two years prior to the declaration of its independence, a treaty with Switzerland was extended to Barbados by virtue of its agreement with the UK.

Since independence, Barbados had the foresight to make the international business sector a key pillar of its economy – strategically dedicating resources to develop the legislation, treaties, workforce and infrastructure needed to compete within a global economy. Barbados’ reputation as a pre-eminent offshore financial jurisdiction can be attributed to the high level of cooperation between successive governments, the private sector, as well as  public and private sector agencies who remain committed to the continuous improvement of Barbados’ international business offerings.



Written by Kenneth Campbell, Director, Investment Promotion, Invest Barbados. Adapted from Business Barbados 2016



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