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Choosing a Domicile: a Latin American Perspective - Oil and Gas Opportunities


As the global economic crisis plays out on the world stage, the energy industry remains an important actor, as none of the world’s economies can provide goods and services without it.   One of the rising stars of the energy industry is Latin America (LATAM), and with strong growth reported both in production and consumption of oil and gas, as well as the diversification of the LATAM biofuels industry, the region has been sparking considerable investor interest.

But LATAM, like other developing regions, has had its challenges, such as perceived political and social instability in some countries. These challenges have given rise to investor caution, marked by complex company structures designed to protect investors’ assets and safeguard confidentiality for legitimate security reasons.  A holding or finance company within such a structure should ideally be located in a country that is suitable for both the source and destination markets, and Barbados is ideally positioned as a platform from which to launch such ventures.  In addition to the general attributes which make the island an interesting domicile for clients investing into or out of LATAM, Barbados also has specific characteristics which are particularly suitable for the oil and gas industry.


Written by Terry-Ann Moe; article was featured in the 2014 edition of the Barbados International Finance & Business magazine



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