Why Barbados ?

✓ Business friendly environment
✓ Developed legal system based on English common law

✓ Long history of political, economic and social stability

✓ Educated English-speaking workforce and an available pool of qualified, competent industry professionals

✓ Excellent physical infrastructure with an international airport and a modern seaport

✓ Sound ICT infrastructure with island-wide 4G LTE and fibre optic high-speed internet.

✓ Expanding treaty network – Companies engaged specifically in the extractive sector stand to enhance their global competitive advantage by facilitating business with other countries in Barbados’ treaty network, e.g., the Barbados/Canada DTA

✓ Excellent quality of life

Expanding Treaty Network
Modern Tele-
Educated Workforce
Competitive Tax Regime
Political & Social Stability
Developed Legal System

The Barbados/Canada Effect

Canadian companies continue to use Barbados structures to administer their international operations, manage wealth, mitigate risks and several other back-office functions.

Through these structures they can reduce their operating costs and expand their global footprint while generating

wealth, not only for themselves and their employees, but also for the Canadian economy.

Dividends paid to a Canadian company out of income earned from an active business in Barbados may be considered as exempt surplus for Canadian tax purposes and therefore not subject to tax in Canada.