The Barbados Domicile

Seeking a reputable location to establish or expand your business for the
management of global activities in the extractive sector?

Consider Barbados!

For decades, Barbados has been regarded as a compliant, well-regulated and transparent international financial centre that provides the welcoming investment environment that investors seek. If you desire an attractive and compelling jurisdiction for the establishment of global businesses of substance, look no

Barbados offers a strategic office location for companies directly engaged in global mineral exploration and development, as well as for companies that provide supporting products and services. The range of global activities that can be managed from a Barbados office include, but are not limited to:

  • Transportation and logistics services
  • Brokerage services
  • Consulting
  • Education services
  • Equipment sales and leasing
  • International trading
  • Finance and insurance
  • Geological surveys
  • Health services
  •  Telecommunications services
  • Analytical supplies and services
  • Legal services
  • Remote sensing/mapping
  • Research
  • Software development and testing
  • Marketing
  • Client support
  • Headquarters