Typical Costs for Setting Up a BPO Company

The typical costs related to setting up a BPO company in Barbados are as follows:

Steps to Setting up ICT Entity Cost (US$)
Government-Incorporation fees Approximately $400
Foreign Currency Permit Application fee $125
Foreign Currency Permit fee (on approval of application) $500
Annual Foreign Currency Permit renewal fee $500
Professional Service Provider Fees- Incorporation $1,500-3,000

Typical Costs for Operating a BPO Company

Barbados’ BPO sector offers competitive operating costs and the following should be take into consideration:

Direct Labour Cost (US$) Per Hour
Data Entry Operator (trainee) 4.25 – 5.00
Data Entry Operator (skilled) 4.50 – 6.00
Customer Service Representative 6.00 – 12.00
Insurance Claims Processor 6.00 – 9.00
Supervisor 7.50 – 17.00