Why choose Barbados for Fintech?

  • Regulatory sandbox to encourage investment and innovation
  • Cost-effective location with competitive business costs
  • Geographic location in a similar time zone to the US east coast
  • Modern telecommunications infrastructure – reliable fibre-optic network, Wi-Fi and high speed 4G data services
  • Highly-skilled English-speaking workforce
  • Stable political and economic environment


Barbados embraces disruptive technology. Fintech is one of these evolving and fast-paced sectors with many opportunities for investors in Barbados.
The future is here. When technology like AI, blockchain and data science enhances or automates financial services, the benefits for consumers and  businesses are endless. This translates to speed and convenience, simplified payments, wider choice,

cheaper transactional costs, safer and more secure data exchange, among other advantages. This disruptive technology is redefining services like money transfers, mobile banking and the way financial services are delivered.

The country gave the green light to the region’s first Fintech company in 2013 – Bitt – a blockchain start-up. Since then investors have come to Barbados, as more and more countries and businesses embrace Fintech.