Global Education & Knowledge Delivery

Barbados attracts global education service providers, by supporting their infrastructure needs and offering students the unforgettable opportunity to live and study in paradise: Just imagine taking a study break with a swim across Carlisle Bay.

Our island is now home to four international medical schools: American University of Barbados, American University of Integrated Sciences, Bridgetown International University of Medicine and Ross University. The Bellairs Research Institute – a McGill University facility, and Canada’s only teaching and research facility in the tropics, is also located here.

Why choose Barbados for global education?

  • Warm and welcoming environment for students and
  • Modern physical infrastructure, including a world-class fibre optic telecommunications network, excellent transport and housing
  • Our location and international air connectivity mean it’s easy for students and faculty to get here
  • Well educated workforce means global education institutions are able to meet their human resource needs locally