Why Barbados

For Bioscience ?

Barbados has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, in-vitro fertilisation and research within the bioscience sector. The country’s pro-business government and reliable physical and network infrastructure ensures business stability and minimises business disruption. Barbados is also an ideal location for biopharmaceutical companies that wish to establish core manufacturing operations, as well as back-office support including international sales and marketing, data analysis, procurement and accounting, among other business processes.

Advantages for bioscience and biopharma companies include:

  • Ready pool of talent within life sciences
  • Excellent infrastructure with an international airport, facilitating direct flights to North America, Europe and Latin America and a modern seaport
  • Barbados has started the journey to becoming a World Health Organisation Level 3 maturity regulator, capable of regulating, manufacturing, marketing and exporting a large range of biopharma products
  • Sound ICT infrastructure with island-wide 4G LTE and fibre optic high-speed internet
  • Impressive track record – home to leading medical device manufacturing, R&D and IVF companies
  • High quality of life that will attract and retain key talent
  • Construction and development in progress for a life science park