The Barbados Domicile

Barbados is a prime jurisdiction for global business and investment. A wide range of opportunities is available to persons seeking to establish businesses, expand operations, live, work and raise families in the warm and welcoming environment.

The global industry of bioscience continues its speedy evolution and growth. The many facets of the industry’s ecosystem such as biopharma, life sciences, research and development, medtech and biotech continue to flourish, while existing bioscience products are continually being optimised to improve health and also save lives.

Barbados remains fully engaged in this rapidly expanding sector. The country is committed to capitalising on the opportunities that abound globally, as the jurisdiction seeks to strengthen its pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing capacity through the production of vaccines, medicines and other vital health technologies.

Home to Canada’s
only teaching and
research facility in the
Caribbean, McGill’s
Bellairs Research

Home to Lenstec – the only medical device manufacturer of intraocular lenses in the English-Speaking Caribbean

Leading In Vitro Fertilisation centre in the Americas, Barbados Fertility Centre, with success rates surpassing the USA & UK