Here is what representatives from leading bioscience companies said about the Barbados Domicile:

Barbados Fertility Centre

“Our patients literally come from all over the world with over 90% being non-residents of Barbados! Beyond our excellent success rates and lower costs, there is no doubt that destination plays a role in BFC being chosen due to its accessible flights and tourism product, over other centres around the world, which are also geared towards medical tourism…

The year 2022 marked our 20th anniversary in Barbados which is a testament for creating a successful and longstanding entity in a highly advanced technical medical field…”

Dr. Juliet Skinner, Medical Director

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Lenstec (Barbados), Inc.

“Here at our manufacturing facility in Barbados, we are the main producer and manufacturer of all the lenses that go worldwide… we have a very skilled staff – our main driving force – to produce the best quality product for use by surgeons around the world. We started with probably about 10 people and now we are at 200 staff, so we’ve made a lot of strides in terms of development and employment in Barbados. One of the reasons why Barbados was chosen was because of the high skill level of Barbadians on the whole, in terms of their ability to learn quickly and to be developed.”

Roderick Mascoll, Production Department Manager