Expanding Treaty Network
Modern Telecommunications
Educated Workforce
Competitive Tax Regime
Political & Social Stability

Why Barbados ?

We know you have options. But we’re confident you’ll come
to the conclusion that Barbados offers everything that your
business needs with all that your heart desires.

Here’s why:

• A business-friendly environment for businesses of
substance, with a pro-investment Government ready to
support you

• A long history of political and social stability, with a legal
system based on English common law – so your investment
is safe here

• Excellent physical infrastructure with an international
airport and modern seaport to get you and your goods on
and off the island quickly and efficiently

• The right people for the job – Barbados has a well educated
and available pool of qualified industry professionals

• All the connectivity you need – we have island-wide 4G LTE
and fibre optic high-speed internet

• An expanding international treaty network, ensuring clarity
and straight-forward tax considerations

• All of the above while enjoying an enviable lifestyle in the
most beautiful location. Think world-class sporting events,
a packed social and cultural calendar, exquisite local dining,
excellent schools, top-notch health system and more. Life
in Barbados is good and you’ll fit right in.