Here is what representatives from leading insurance companies said about the Barbados Domicile:

DGM Financial Group

“There is a real buzz of excitement surrounding the insurance sector globally and particularly in Barbados, given the legislative changes that have led to compliance with the OECD’s BEPS initiative. These legislative upgrades have created certainty for insurance companies and investors. In addition, the enactment of substance requirements ensures that companies established must have real operations, and this has created new opportunities for the insurance sector in Barbados which is expected to now employ an even larger portion of the local workforce and bring real opportunities to the country. As one of the Top 10 captive insurance jurisdictions worldwide, Barbados is thrilled to be OECD compliant and faces the future confidently.”

Wayne Fields, President

Strategic Risk Solutions (SRS) Barbados Ltd

“The origins of SRS can be traced to 2003, originally as a Barbadian owned captive insurance manager. SRS, as the largest global independent manager is pleased to operate in Barbados and be part of the service offer in this domicile of importance in the alternate risk financing space. We especially note the country’s ICT sophistication since investors understand that changing business models require considerations relating to data privacy, IT security and business continuity. We look forward to being a service partner in the continuing success of the domicile.”

Kirk Cyrus, Managing Director

USA Risk Group (Barbados) Ltd

“We have a number of clients, some that have been in Barbados for in excess of 20 years. They have found Barbados to offer a stable business environment, a good network of double taxation treaties and a regulatory environment that promotes business within a well-regulated structure.”

Jeanne Crawford, Vice President

Marsh Management Services (Barbados) Ltd

“Marsh was established in Barbados in 1986 and continues to be committed to the domicile as its clients continue to derive many benefits from being here. In addition to its excellent regulatory framework, Barbados has an extensive treaty network which allows companies to consolidate many of their international business functions in one country. Marsh is supportive of Barbados’ efforts to further develop its international business framework as it continues to be an ideal location to do business.”

Nicholas C. Crichlow, Senior Vice President


Aon Insurance Managers (Barbados) Ltd

“Aon Insurance Managers (Barbados) Ltd. is celebrating its 38th anniversary as a captive insurance manager in Barbados this year. Barbados has obviously worked for us and our clients and we look forward to continuing the relationship with a jurisdiction which has proven itself as a leading domicile for captives over an extended period.”

Hazira Chhiboo, Managing Director