BPO/ICT Services

For decades investors have chose Barbados as a prime location for BPO and ICT activities. Our excellent education system produces a highly-skilled, service-oriented and trainable English-speaking workforce, in a welcoming business-friendly environment.

Opportunities for investment in ICT services include:

  •  Contact centres, customer and technical support
  • Software development
  • Animation
  • Transaction processing
  • Health insurance claims processing
  • Web applications and more

Why choose Barbados for BPO/ICT services?

  • Cost-effective location with competitive business costs
  • Geographic location in a similar time zone to the US east coast
  • Modern telecommunications infrastructure – reliable fibre-optic
    network, Wi-Fi and high speed 4G data services
  • Highly-skilled English-speaking workforce
  • Reimbursable training grants
  • Exemption from import duties on equipment
  • Low attrition rates
  • Stable political and economic environment