Barbados Welcomes YOU,

and Your Investment

Or if you’re not here yet, we’re confident it’s just a matter of time.

Barbados is attractive to investors as a secure and
reputable jurisdiction that facilitates global growth and
profitability, in various sectors including international
business, financial, wealth management and insurance
services, global education services, information &
communication technology (ICT), renewable energy,
medicinal cannabis, fintech and niche manufacturing, to
name a few.

Emerging sectors are growing exponentially around the
world and Barbados is well-positioned to benefit from
this. Our success as a centre for global business has been
built on transparency, effective regulation, adherence to
international best practice standards and the attraction of
businesses of substance. Additionally, Barbados is the only
Caribbean jurisdiction with an established and growing
Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) network that enables

investors to enhance their global competitive advantage.
On the ground, we have the infrastructure, highly-skilled
workforce, competitive costs and tax structure and,
importantly – a supportive government wanting you to

Read on to learn more about Barbados’ investment
opportunities across our diversified economy – there’s
an opportunity for everyone. Some priority sectors have
special incentives like concessions on imports and tax
allowances – refer to our incentives section for more

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