Barbados has over 1,400 registered charities, exempt charities and nonprofit organisations. These organisations undertake significant work in the arts; culture and heritage; family; children and youth; education and training; environmental sustainability; special needs; and social welfare and development.

The corporate sector is a significant source of funding for these organisations, along with trusts, foundations and private donors. Below is a list of major charities and nonprofit organisations that welcome donations:

The corporate sector is a significant source of funding for charities and non-profits, along with private donors.”

The Barbados Cancer Society is dedicated to the prevention and alleviation of pain and suffering from cancer through public education, the promotion of early detection and prompt treatment, and the provision of patient care, support services and counselling. 

The Barbados Diabetes Foundation (BDF) provides a holistic approach to the management of diabetes in Barbados, through the Maria Holder Diabetes Centre for the Caribbean.

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society houses an impressive collection preserving the island’s history, culture and heritage.

The BIBA Charity provides a simple mechanism for the international business community to give back to charities and nonprofits serving a broad segment of Barbadian society. 

Hope Foundation raises awareness of lesser-known chronic illnesses – Lupus, Sickle Cell Anaemia and Arthritis, and gives patients a collective voice to influence policy.

The Diabetes and Hypertension Association of Barbados provides support, education, advocacy and screening for people living with diabetes and hypertension. 

Maria Holder Memorial Trust works towards the alleviation of poverty and improving the quality of life of vulnerable people, particularly in Barbados.

Myeloma Lymphoma & Leukaemia Foundation of Barbados (MLLF)

provides comprehensive support for people with blood-related cancers in Barbados.

The National Philanthropic Programme encourages a ‘culture of giving’ to Barbados’ national development, with a focus on public healthcare institutions and a number of key environmental, education and community-based initiatives.


Parent Education for Development in Barbados (PAREDOS), is a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to educate families on effective parenting.

Precious Touch Foundation Inc is dedicated to granting ‘wishes’ to children aged 2-16 who have been diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados’ primary acute care medical facility, and an accredited teaching hospital, affiliated with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. 

The Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) is a nonprofit organisation offering community-minded, commercial enterprises the chance to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the Barbados tourism industry.

Variety Club Barbados raises funds for sick, disadvantaged and disabled children in Barbados and the eastern Caribbean.