Barbados at COP 28

The Bridgetown Initiative

Urgent and Decisive Action to Reform the International Financial Architecture

The Bridgetown Initiative seeks to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.
It provides for immediate liquidity support, restores debt sustainability, mobilises private sector investment, increases overall sector development lending for the SDGs, ensures that the multilateral trading system supports a green and just transition, reforms the governance and operations of MDBs and IFIs.

The Roofs to Reefs Programme (R2RP)

The Roofs to Reefs Programme (R2RP) is a holistic, integrated national initiative for the resilient development of Barbados. It provides for a response at the individual, community and country levels. It is an integrated investment programme founded on the principles of sustainable development and climate change resilience and represents the development model for Barbados for the next decade.  It is primarily a physical development programme focusing on built environment/ infrastructure and nature/ecosystems, that will play a supporting role in further development of the policy framework as needed to meet the objectives.

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Opening the Barbados Pavilion

COP28 Barbados Pavilion Opening December 03 2023

Roofs to Reefs Program

VIDEO – Roofs to Reefs – Programme Introduction

VIDEO-Roofs to Reefs Program Home Ownership Providing Energy from 200 to 10,000

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Bridgetown Initiative Series

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Partner-Cohosted Events

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