Barbados enjoys an enviable international reputation for its outstanding record of social, economic and political stability. Barbados' parliamentary system has been in existence since 1639, making it the 3rd oldest parliament in the British Commonwealth.

The country’s long-standing tradition of parliamentary democracy and the prudent management of the economy provide a stable foundation for business. Also, the country’s freedom from corruption rates highly – Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index 2019 ranks Barbados as 4th in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 30th among 180 countries.

These positive features have also contributed to Barbados’ ranking in the Index of Economic Freedom 2019 as the 11th freest economy in Latin America and the Caribbean and 67th in the world.

Barbados is one of the most stable countries in the Caribbean. The government is committed to maintaining the country’s attractiveness as a centre for international business, and continues to work with Invest Barbados and other stakeholders to ensure that the country remains a safe and welcoming place for foreign direct investment in the competitive global environment.