High International Ranking
Barbados' performance in the international arena shows its dedication to maintaining a conducive business environment. Barbados consistently ranks highly among both developed and developing nations in several global indices covering areas of social, economic and financial importance.

Well respected international bodies including the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and Transparency International have recognised the economic and social positioning, and strides made by Barbados, Barbados’ high  rankings independently confirm the strength of  the environment.

See our International Rankings Table below:

Select International Rankings for Barbados

Indicator# of Countries/ Economies SurveyedRankingRegionPublicationYear Published
Literacy1774WorldwideUnited Nations Development Programme Report2007/2008
Human Development
Index [1]
1896Latin American/ Caribbean countries United Nations Human
Development Report
Networked Readiness
1432Latin American/ Caribbean countries World Economic Forum’s
Global Information
Technology Report
Transparency1803Latin American/ Caribbean countries Transparency
Corruption Perceptions
Availability of Latest
1383Latin American/ Caribbean countries Global Competitiveness
Economic Freedom [2]1772Latin American/ Caribbean countries Index of Economic
Soundness of Banks 1413Latin American/ Caribbean countries Global Competitiveness
Global Competitiveness1419Latin American/ Caribbean countries Global Competitiveness
FDI and Technology Transfer 1386Latin American/ Caribbean countries Global Competitiveness
Regulation of Securities Exchanges13811Latin American/ Caribbean countries Global Competitiveness


Updated: January 30, 2019

[1] The Human Development Index (HDI) combines a number of indexes: life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide. It is a measurement of a country’s development

[2] This demonstrates the relationship between economic freedom and positive social and economic values

Barbados has established a robust regulatory framework for its business sector. Clear and effective legislation provides stringent guidelines for good governance which are in turn enforced by regulators in each sector.

Adherence to international best practice standards is a hallmark of the Barbados value proposition   The country has a well developed legal system based on English common law. Property rights and intellectual property are well protected and an independent judiciary ensures the impartial resolution of disputes.

Auditing and reporting meet international standards, ensuring confidence in business activities. Barbados also enjoys a long tradition of transparency and inter-governmental cooperation on information exchange matters.

The main regulators are the Central Bank of Barbados, the Financial Services Commission, and the International Business Unit.  

Attractive Value Proposition
Barbados also offers a range of efficient business structures through which international business can be conducted.

Barbados continues to offer an attractive value proposition.  Apart from its strong human capital, modern infrastructure, sophisticated business environment and excellent quality of life, the country is recognised as a reputable, transparent jurisdiction for international business, with procedures for disclosure and information exchange.

These well regulated corporate structures enjoy several benefits, including full and unrestricted repatriation of capital, profits and dividends, and facilitate global business entities in enhancing their competitive advantage.

Expanding Treaty Network
A major benefit gained from doing business in Barbados is having access to the country’s international trade agreements: Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs), Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs), Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs). Barbados has an expanding network of double taxation treaties which offers certain advantages to investors that use Barbados resident entities to conduct business in other countries.

Key advantages that DTAs offer to investors:

  • Certainty of tax treatment with respect to the income and gains derived from cross border investments.
  • Reduced withholding taxes in the source country for certain types of income.
  • Elimination of the occurrence of double taxation of income. 

Investors that use a Barbadian entity to do business in other countries may also enjoy protection of their investment as Barbados has entered into BITs for the promotion and protection of investment. 

Click below to see the full list of treaties that Barbados has concluded with other countries.

Mature Jurisdiction
A strong feature of Barbados’ value proposition is its experience. Barbados has been a choice for global businesses since the mid 1960s.

Barbados has remained a trusted jurisdiction based on its proven track record for fostering the success of companies established here. As a result, many international businesses remain in Barbados and continue to be complemented by new entrants to the Barbados market.