Barbados has established a robust regulatory framework for its business sector. Clear and effective legislation provides stringent guidelines for good governance which are in turn enforced by regulators in each sector.

Adherence to international best practice standards is a hallmark of the Barbados value proposition   The country has a well developed legal system based on English common law. Property rights and intellectual property are well protected and an independent judiciary ensures the impartial resolution of disputes.

Auditing and reporting meet international standards, ensuring confidence in business activities. Barbados also enjoys a long tradition of transparency and inter-governmental cooperation on information exchange matters.

The main regulators are the Central Bank of Barbados, the Financial Services Commission, and the International Business Unit.  

Mature Jurisdiction
A strong feature of Barbados’ value proposition is its experience. Barbados has been a choice for global businesses since the mid 1960s.

Barbados has remained a trusted jurisdiction based on its proven track record for fostering the success of companies established here. As a result, many international businesses remain in Barbados and continue to be complemented by new entrants to the Barbados market.

Facilitating Businesses of Substance

From inception, Barbados was deliberate in building its international business sector on the strong foundation of treaty-based agreements that included provisions for the exchange of information.

Investors choosing Barbados as a preferred business jurisdiction do so, among other key reasons, for its high reputation anchored on the tenets of compliance, transparency and consistency. The OECD’s Global Forum, in its initial report published in April 2009, recognised Barbados as the only independent, Caribbean nation which had substantially implemented the internationally agreed tax standard. Barbados continues its commitment to the implementation of global standards.

Barbados is one of the first countries in the Caribbean to converge its local and international tax rates, making its tax system globally competitive, while bringing the country in line with the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Initiative. By implementing the new regime, Barbados has fulfilled its commitment to be fully compliant with the BEPS Action 5 addressing harmful tax practices.