TT Electronics Ltd., based on Newton Industrial Estate, is a manufacturer of electronic components, and though originally set up in 1980, the company has been owned by a UK-based international group, TT Electronics plc since 1991.  Its longevity as a viable international company operating in Barbados can be attributed to the support of its dedicated, quality workforce, and to the infrastructural framework that facilitates the needs of a large, international company.

Over the years the company has been well supported by local infrastructure and government entities such as Invest Barbados (IB). IB personnel maintain close contact with the company and are always prepared to facilitate any relevant issues that arise. Only recently they aided the company by totally managing the work permit renewal for its CEO. This process has been a time-consuming distraction over the years, but with Invest Barbados managing the process it allowed the company to totally concentrate on its own activity of running its day-to-day-business.

TT Electronics plc employs over 5,000 people world wide, with the Barbados operation employing 125.  The company here has the full range of skills associated with volume component manufacture and sources its raw materials from all over the world.  A combination of flow and single operation processes enables the production of electrical wire-wound resistors, controlled by well established, ISO approved quality systems.  This, coupled with a philosophy of continuous improvement, enables it to compete and rise to the challenges of an increasingly demanding market place.

TT Electronics is a customer-driven organization, enabling it to support demand from global industrial, medical, automotive and telecoms markets, mainly in the USA, Europe and the Far East.  Its ongoing success is based around providing those customers with a quality product, delivered to them with a very efficient on-time delivery performance.


Patrick Weekes
Operations Manager/Site Leader
TT Electronics Ltd.

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