Crucible International operates world-class outsourcing services for clients in the Americas and Europe from its Headquarters near the international harbour in Bridgetown.

Barbados was originally chosen for this operation over other competing locations, by the founder – Confederation Life Insurance, because of its political stability and access to excellent talent and intellectual human capital.  Crucible’s success is anchored in the solid business environment, reliable telecommunications and utility infrastructure that Barbados provides. Additionally, near-shore proximity to the North American market gave Barbados an edge.

With access to knowledgeable, capable resources, Crucible is able to match or exceed competing quality and service standards from anywhere in the world, and has been recognized as “the best supplier” by clients in the UK and Canada.

Crucible has worked with Invest Barbados over the years in searching for opportunities globally and as an industry leader, promoting Barbados as a destination of choice for successful ICT operations.

Crucible continues to invest in the people and industry of Barbados; with a staffing lever that varies between 150 and 200. The team has had low turnover, and access to an educated and professional workforce that demonstrates, each and every day, dedication and determination, has been an important differentiator.

The business has grown from its roots as a Captive operation, processing insurance claims for its parent company, Confederation Life, and subsequently Manulife/John Hancock, to the operation that exists today, with a track record of serving several industries, including insurance and financial services, health care, transcription, publishing and telecommunications.


Joel Alleyne
Crucible International