Aon Insurance Managers (Barbados) Ltd. (“AIM(B)”) was one of the first Management Companies to be established in Barbados after the first piece of captive insurance legislation, The Exempt Insurance Act was passed in 1983. Now some 30 years later we are still one of the leading Managers and very happy to be here.

AIM(B) formed in Barbados in 1984 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aon PLC (Aon). AIM(B) is one of 33 similar operations in 33 jurisdictions around the world which forms the Aon subgroup Aon Captive Insurance Managers (“ACIM”).

ACIM is a leading global captive and insurance management service provider and manages approximately 1200 insurance captives worldwide. We have achieved our continued success through our thorough understanding of the vital issues, by embracing the latest technology and most of all through our unwavering focus on quality client service and maintaining healthy long-term relationships.

From its office in Barbados, AIM(B) manages a diversified portfolio of captives covering all aspects of property, marine, liability and other specialty risks for multinational single parents, associations and privately held companies of Canadian, US and Latin American origin. The provisions laid out in Barbados’ captive insurance legislation helps our clients to carry out these operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

Over the years AIM(B) has partnered with Invest Barbados to promote Barbados as a preferred domicile for international insurance business and international business generally. We are pleased to confirm that the efforts of Invest Barbados have ensured that Barbados has maintained its position as a leading domicile for captive insurance business.


Aon Insurance Managers (Barbados) Ltd.