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Special Entry and Reside Permit Programme for HNWIs


The Barbados Immigration Department is responsible for administering the Non-Dom programme through a Special Entry and Reside Permit (SERP) which is granted, on an indefinite basis, to HNWIs aged 60 and over. Provided they satisfy the requirements, other persons may also be granted SERPs for a period until they reach the age of 60. To be eligible, applicants must provide:

  • Form B - Application for Permission to Vary Period of Stay or Conditions of Stay


  • Evidence of health insurance in excess of US$500,000


  • A certified statement of assets over US$ 5 million from an auditor, accountant or banker (status must be maintained), as well as hold real property or investments in Barbados valued at a minimum of US$2 million
  • Application fee of US$150.00


  • One passport size photo


  • Police certificate of good character


  • Original birth certificate and a copy


  • Copy of bio-date page of applicant's passport


  • Marriage certificate if applicable


  • Proof of relationship to dependants where applicable


Fees for SERPs

The SERP fee ranges from US$3,500 - US$5,000 depending on the age of the applicant.

Spouse/Dependent Fees


Spouse and dependant fees are between US$15,000 - US$20,000 (up front one time fee) or US$1,500 - US$2,000 per annum. The application fee for a spouse is US$150 plus the fee which applies to SERP. The application fee for a dependant is US$150.


Work permit fees are additional where applicable.

Additionally, high net worth individuals who own more than US$2 million in property and investments in Barbados, which have been purchased with funds sourced outside the island, will be eligible for a Special Entry and Reside Permit for 5 years.  Similarly, foreigners who possess special skills required on the island will also be eligible for this permit. Spouses and dependents of these individuals will be issued with a permit on payment of the relevant fees.