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Date: 12 Apr, 2010
Source: Invest Barbados

Mr. & Mrs. Evariste Nurse are the winners of the 2009-2010 Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation. The Nurses won the Bds$75,000 national award from a field of five finalists and over 200 other entries.

The winning product, The Secure Door Jam, is designed to enhance home security and make burglary via windows or doors very difficult. Mr. Nurse, a career woodworker informed that the idea for the new product was inspired by the need to improve home security options, while reducing cost.

Second place awardee Mr. Randolph Sandiford, received Bds$20,000. His innovation, Matrix Cane is a durable and decorative finish made from Elephant Grass. The product is suitable for use in most furniture projects.

Dr. Robert Lucas placed third and won a prize valued at Bds$10,000 for his entry of biodegradable packaging material. The product is made from cellulosic materials including bagasse, coconut shells, wood and paper.

Mr. Fernando Hood copped fourth position and earned a Dell notebook computer. His entry, the Knock Guard, was developed to provide early and reliable detection of the detonation knock symptom that signals danger or damage to the automobile engine.

The fifth prize winner, Mr. Trevor Clarke, also won a Dell notebook. Clarke’s entry, The Star Software, activates cell phones to respond to alarm tones within a specified range.

This annual competition was organised by the National Council for Science and Technology.