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Date: 29 Jul, 2021
Source: Adapted from the Barbados Business Authority

Invest Barbados continues to facilitate and guide the range of new investors through the process of setting up businesses or expanding operations in Barbados.

This time, it is the Scottish & US based company, Compliance Path – a global leader in information technology (IT), governance and software assurance. The company is a regulatory compliance consultancy, which started out with a focus on life sciences. The IT company is opening a testing centre in Barbados, as it continues to develop its global presence in the IT governance and life sciences markets.

According to Managing Director, Stephen Ferrell, “We work with both regulated companies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, medical device, health care as well, and also software companies who are selling into that market. What we do is help them understand the compliance requirements that they have, either as a manufacturer or as a service provider into that space, and we come up with strategies for them to achieve that.”

Ferrell was particularly impressed with the graduates from the country’s University of the West Indies’ Computer Science programme; a major factor that drew his team to Barbados.

Leslie Gittens, Senior Business Development Officer with Invest Barbados, connected Compliance Path to the Dean and some of the staff from the computer science programme.  “We had some great conversations and they connected us with a number of job seekers. We have been blown away, frankly, by the quality of the candidates that we have interviewed,” said Ferrell.

He also spoke of the high results received from the analytical tests of some candidates who were interviewed, one even obtaining 100 per cent.

“… I think that speaks to the quality of the educational programmes in Barbados and the skill sets are definitely there.”