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Date: 27 Feb, 2017
Source: PR Newswire (Barbados Fertility Centre)

Thousands of US patients have taken the short flight to the Caribbean island of Barbados for highly successful IVF treatment. With the cost of IVF treatment rising in the US, couples are drawn to the world class Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) because of much lower treatment costs, higher success rates, JCI accreditation and the relaxing environment of a paradise Caribbean island.

Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) has AGAIN been awarded the highest achievement for worldwide patient safety standards from Joint Commission International (JCI). BFC was awarded their fourth GOLD SEAL of approval for their excellent care! Their deserving accreditation now spans from 2007 to 2020.

Joint Commission International (JCI) is the US health facility accreditation programme that set stringent health care standards across the world. The JCI gold seal assures patients that they will receive world-class patient care.

This is important news for couples as BFC continues to boast excellent success rates, often far superior to many International IVF clinics. The highly professional and international team work tirelessly every day to continue to maintain and achieve these high standards for their patients.

BFC first opened their doors in 2002, and this year marks the 15th anniversary for BFC, with thousands of babies born from IVF treatment at BFC to couples around the world. They have babies from the USA to Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Canada and all across the Caribbean chain. They have seen increasing numbers of USA couples seeking successful treatment annually for their excellent service. They have patients travelling from all across America for their IVF cycle at BFC. With daily direct flights from Miami and New York, Barbados is easily accessible to the US market.

Dr. Juliet Skinner, Medical Director at BFC said, “We believe our high clinical and laboratory standards, our commitment to JCI accreditation, the relaxing environment of our beautiful island and our on-site Spa contribute to our high success rates – of which we are very proud. This unique combination helps couples get pregnant. We encourage anyone who has been struggling to conceive to please reach out to us as our success is proven and we can help you have the family you desire. ”

BFC is one of the first IVF units in the world to offer a Patient Centered individualized program, combining medical tradition and a holistic approach for their couples, supported by their on-site Life Wellness Centre.

Couples can choose to undergo the Healthy Mind and Body programme and benefit from massage, reflexology, acupuncture, nutrition advice and counselling to support them through the IVF process. BFC believes that their approach of allowing couples to de-stress whilst undergoing treatment is vitally important to their successful outcome.

Success rates at Barbados Fertility Centre

BFC saw brilliant success rates of 75% in 2016 with their excellent donor egg programme. And with continued improvement in their cutting edge medical procedures, they are seeing an impressive 69% pregnancy rate for women under 35.

Many couples from the USA are now proud parents after successful treatment at BFC. Anybody who has tried to conceive for 12 months without achieving a pregnancy should seek medical intervention.

For further information log on to or call for a free confidential IVF Nurse consultation toll free on 1-866 246 8616. For further information on the accreditation process