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Date: 29 Dec, 2021
Source: Invest Barbados

Members of the Barbados Team at Expo 2020 Dubai recently received a most delightful gift.

The print edition of the story book, ‘Children’s Tales From Around the World’ was presented to Deputy Commissioner General of the Barbados Pavilion, Ann Mellows, by Ms. Aditi Narayan. The Barbados Pavilion is located in the Mobility District.

The story book is produced by Expo 2020 Dubai and comprises 68 traditional children stories and folktales from countries spanning six continents. It also showcases the talents of story tellers and artistes from across the globe. Included in the book is a story titled, ‘Why the Wood Dove Cannot Build a Proper Nest’, written by Barbadian author, Zoanne Evens and illustrated by student, Alisha Smith.

The Barbados team was happy to accept such a treasured and inspiring token, which not only educates children but will keep them entertained, while taking them on travels around the globe. Additionally, the story book celebrates diversity, inclusion and reflects the spirit of Expo’s commitment to ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

‘Children’s Tales From Around the World’ was first published as a PDF document and is available for free download directly from the Expo School Programme website, as well as through Apple Books. The online version was subsequently followed by an exclusive print collection. The story book, which is available in English, also features words and phrases from almost 50 languages, offering an arresting snapshot of storytelling cultures from some of Expo 2020 Dubai’s 190-plus participating nations. The stories have been chosen to help children aged 5-12 years explore new cultures and recognise common values, gain a greater appreciation of their own heritage and develop a love for reading.