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Date: 28 Jul, 2011
Source: Barbados Government Information Service

Minister of Health Donville Inniss has encouraged Barbados’ medical fraternity to develop a culture of research. Speaking at the beginning of the recently held 11th Annual Professor E. R. Walrond Scientific Symposium, Minister Inniss emphasised that research is critical in developing solutions to critical health issues including those impacting the quality of life in the Caribbean.

“We believe foreign nations and foreign nationals must do the research and we will buy their products and services. I dare say that such notions must be relegated to the dustbin of ancient management practices if we are to truly move our society forward in a sustainable manner. Whether it be in manufacturing, medicine, management or any other area, the Caribbean must, as a matter of urgency, cultivate a research culture – this is one major ways in which we can open new frontiers.”

In addressing the audience, the Minister highlighted the importance of the Chronic Disease Research Centre in Barbados pursuing such a culture. He indicated that Government’s support of the institution is fuelled by the belief that its work will help the country deliver cost-effective but efficient treatment to Barbadians living with chronic diseases. He praised the work of the Centre in the areas of diabetes, cancer, eye disease and wounds, and encouraged those present to “continue to think outside of the box, to challenge our traditional way of doing things and to find innovative solutions to our complex challenges”.