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Date: 09 Feb, 2011
Source: Invest Barbados

With global regulation of offshore financial centres becoming ever stricter, financial professionals are increasingly in need of specialist insight into the opportunities and pitfalls surrounding international tax and trust planning. It is against this backdrop that Lexis Nexis, in association with Invest Barbados, is returning to the Caribbean for the International Tax and Trust Congress. Featuring expert speakers from across the globe, including a keynote session from Pascal Saint-Amans from the OECD, the event will highlight the growing opportunities for offshore structuring and insight into the growing prospects for private investment within Barbados.

Barbados insiders already know it is a great place to do business, with a diversified economy, a strong and growing financial sector, a superb climate, proximity to the Americas and good connections to Europe. Furthermore, the Barbados government has had considerable success in its efforts to provide a competitive commercial and fiscal environment and attract new businesses to the island. As yet, though, Barbados’ attractions as a venue for international businesses have not yet been fully recognised in many overseas markets. This represents a major opportunity for both for individuals looking to organise their affairs through the island, and for Barbados itself to develop new sources of inward investment.

One of the speakers discussing this is Pete Miller, Partner at UK based Powrie Appleby LLP. The company specialises in the integration of personal and corporate UK tax issues in the context of international planning. Pete believes that there are huge possibilities in this sector for the development of significant new business opportunities for the Barbados economy, and has worked with Barbados-based Green Park Ventures to develop tax structures suitable for implementation in Barbados and Caribbean jurisdictions, which are now being brought to market via Powrie Appleby (Barbados) Ltd.

For more information on the Congress, please visit Plus, any bookings made before February 25, 2011 and mentioning Invest Barbados are entitled to a 15% discount. Plus, any bookings made through Invest Barbados are entitled to a 15% discount. To take advantage of this offer, please email or call +44(0) 20 7347 3574.