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Date: 01 Mar, 2017
Source: JLT Insurance Management (JLTIM) Barbados

As part of Invest Barbados’ promotional outreach to the North American international business and financial services market, the Corporation will be hosting two business seminars this month in Toronto, Canada and Atlanta, USA, respectively. Team Barbados will be led by Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senator the Hon. Darcy Boyce and will comprise staff of Invest Barbados together with several of the sector’s service providers.

The Toronto seminar will be held on March 7, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, while the Atlanta event is scheduled for March 10, at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead.

The seminars, which are complimentary, will give potential investors an overview of Barbados and its investment opportunities, as well as provide practical insight into an investor’s experience conducting business in Barbados.

Senator Boyce will address both events, highlighting why Barbados continues to be a jurisdiction of choice for international business. Several expert speakers will also make presentations at both seminars, including Mr. Ben Arindell, SCM, Deputy Chairman, Cidel Bank and Trust; Mr. Ricardo Knight, President and CEO, JLT Barbados; and Mr. Jerome Dwight, Financial Services Consultant. Mr. James Gardiner, Business Consultant, will be presenting in Toronto only, while Mr. Bruce Zagaris, Partner, Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe LLP, USA, will be presenting in Atlanta only. View the seminar programmes for Toronto and Atlanta.

According to Knight, “Barbados has seen steady growth as a domicile for companies headquartered throughout North America and South America. Canada, however, has always enjoyed a special relationship with Barbados, while the U.S. remains a vital market for Barbados-based captives. We hope to demonstrate what the companies doing business in our domicile know firsthand – Barbados continues to build on its reputation as a highly competitive captive insurance domicile.”

Barbados licensed 13 captives in 2016, bringing its total to 246 active captives, according to the Barbados Financial Services Commission. The domicile also has a growing number of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) and bilateral agreements.

Register now for the seminars in Toronto and Atlanta. For further information, you may contact Mr. Kenneth Campbell, Director, Investment Promotion, at