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Date: 07 Jul, 2021
Source: Adapted from the Nation Newspaper

Invest Barbados has come in for high praise from an overseas investor for its expert support and facilitation, which assisted the company in ensuring that its business expansion process was successful.

Singing the corporation’s praises was Dr. Liz R. Scott, chief executive/principal of Organizational Solutions Inc (OSI), a leading disability management and workers’ compensation claims management specialist.

“I would say number one is the support that Invest Barbados provided, it was wonderful. When I had the experience with other countries that I was looking at it was really an exercise of having to do all of the digging and all of the coordinating, and all of the interviews,” said Scott.

“Everything I had to do it myself or our team had to do it, which really was exhausting, whereas with Invest Barbados it was wonderful because we were able to connect, we were able to get our questions answered really all in one spot.”

OSI, which helps people to return to work following a disability, has a total staff complement of 180 and provides services from Canada, USA, Europe and now Barbados.

Scott also noted that Barbados was chosen as the preferred jurisdiction to expand OSI’s operations, over countries like the Philippines and Dubai, due to the jurisdiction’s compatible time zone, English speaking workforce, highly educated population, country safety, reliable infrastructure including internet availability, and its people.

OSI’s business philosophy focuses on job creation. The company will hire persons in Barbados, who have a background in healthcare, insurance or an understanding of anatomy or mental health. Available positions may include nurses, medics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and counsellors.

The company’s Barbados team, which started with six employees, will shortly increase its staff complement to 15, and is expected to grow to 150 employees by 2022. Training will also be provided for staff.

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