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Date: 28 Oct, 2013
Source: Invest Barbados

Several North American investors now have a greater appreciation for why Barbados is the preferred international business jurisdiction. Earlier this month, Invest Barbados successfully coordinated promotional seminars in Canada and the U.S.A. to further highlight the advantages of doing business in Barbados and attracting foreign direct investment to our shores.

Promotional activities for the month of October started with Invest Barbados’ attendance at the 39th RIMS Canada Conference, which was held at the Victoria Conference Centre in British Columbia from October 6-9. Acting CEO of Invest Barbados, Emeline Taitt, led the Barbados delegation to Canada’s premiere risk management event, where there were approximately 300 international visitors to the Barbados booth.

Invest Barbados, in association with Scotia McLeod, also hosted two International Business Seminars in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta on October 9 and 10 respectively. The seminars, which mainly attracted tax attorneys, advisors and accountants, showcased Barbados as a transparent, well regulated, treaty-driven and low tax jurisdiction in which investors could place their confidence.

A similar event was hosted on October 16 at the Grand Hyatt New York, focusing on insurance and wealth management. The seminar, which attracted over 70 attendees, was convened as a result of the positive feedback that was received from an earlier road show in May to the Tri-State area.

At each seminar, policy makers, marketers and regulators made up the list of featured speakers, along with a testimonial from an existing foreign company operating in Barbados. Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Senator the Hon. Darcy Boyce also delivered the keynote address entitled, “How Barbados can Enhance International Business Success in these Challenging Times” and fielded questions, along with the other panellists, on Barbados’ business climate.