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Date: 13 Nov, 2009
Source: Invest Barbados

Invest Barbados in conjunction with the Immigration Department of the Government of Barbados are pleased to announce the implementation of a new system for the processing of immigration matters related to the International Business Sector.

Barbados is constantly seeking to upgrade the quality of the product it offers to its international clientele and Invest Barbados views this as a critical step in doing so.

CEO, Wayne Kirton in discussing the matter stated that the purpose of the collaboration is “…to better facilitate the process so as to make it easier and friendlier for the international investor, but our immigration laws still obtain, of course.”

The new system, which will be effective Monday, November 16, 2009, can be accessed for new work permits and renewals, associated spouse/dependent visa extensions, High Net Worth Individual Non-Domicile tax residency status, or any other immigration matters pertaining to the International Business Sector.

In brief it will operate as follows:

• The relevant forms are collected from the offices of Invest Barbados by the applicant or an agent such as an attorney, accounting firm or HR firm and completed.

• An interview appointment is requested by calling Invest Barbados at 626-2000. At the time of calling, Invest Barbados staff will advise of the documentation checklist, so as to ensure that all the required documents are available at the interview.

• At the appointed time, the applicant will be interviewed by the Immigration Officer posted at Invest Barbados. The applicant or agent should bring with them the completed documentation and a cheque (cash cannot be accepted) for the application fee (BDS$200- a temporary receipt will be issued). Note that applications for related visa extensions for spouses/dependants accompanying the applicant will be processed at the same time (BDS$50 per person), and while they do not have to be present at the interview, the immigration officer is required to have sight of them in order to complete endorsement.

• Assuming all of the documentation to be correct and complete, the work permit or renewal approval process should take approximately three weeks, and the applicant will be notified in writing, hand delivered by Invest Barbados. The notification will advise of the work permit fee payable.

• On receipt, the applicant should bring or send (personal presence not required) their passport and a cheque for the work permit fee (cash cannot be accepted). A temporary receipt for both the cheque and the passport will be issued, and the passport will be endorsed and be available at Invest Barbados within three days. It is advisable that the spouse/dependants accompany their passports for endorsement (extended visas) at this point to fulfil the requirement of being seen by the Immigration Department.

• The work permit certificate will be mailed to the applicant’s office within three weeks of the payment of the fee.

Invest Barbados, the Immigration Department and the Government of Barbados are committed to ensuring that Barbados offers a business environment that is internationally competitive.

Contact us at 626-2000 and let’s discuss how we can make Barbados better!