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Date: 03 Mar, 2016
Source: The Barbados Advocate

The International Business Division of the Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development recently launched its website:

Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss addressed the audience on this welcome addition to the department.

He noted that the celebration was not just about the website, but to highlight through this media the Ministry’s objectives. He also indicated that it was a means “to provide information in terms of the products we are offering, the legislation that we are using… to send the right message out there – that this Ministry as manifested through the department and others is prepared to use this electronic platform with you our stakeholders.”

The Minister also remarked that the website will be useful to gather data that can help Invest Barbados market international business.

“As one government we need to share information. So when we are able to capture the number of hits that come to a site and maybe identify the sources of such hits, we are then better positioned to share with Invest Barbados information that they can use to deploy the appropriate marketing strategies to get the kind of businesses we want.

Minister Inniss also gave some advice on the management of the website, indicating that the site should not become static but kept dynamic.