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Date: 27 Mar, 2018
Source: The Barbados Business Authority

Another international business company is looking to expand its operations in Barbados.

This time, it is clothing giant, Gildan Activewear, the Canadian company which is known internationally for producing apparel including t-shirts and underwear.

Gildan, which started its operations locally in 1999 with six employees, has significantly grown, now with more than 160 employees, most of whom are Barbadian. Effective January 1, 2018 the company formed its printwear and branded apparel business into one structure based in Barbados.

According to the company’s vice-president, corporate marketing and communications Garry Bell, “The consolidation process is underway and we have already transitioned some of the functional areas to Barbados. This process will keep proceeding over the next few weeks but we do anticipate the creation of incremental employment in Barbados as a consequence of this consolidation.”

Plans are in progress to construct a new building at the company’s base in Newton, Christ Church. Mr. Bell further indicated, “We are… planning on constructing another building on the Newton grounds located close to the highway. We anticipate this additional location will allow us to continue to grow along with our global business and remains another example of Gildan investing.”

Gildan currently has in excess of 50,000 employees globally, with operations in Central America, North America, the Caribbean Basin and Bangladesh. The company places a heavy emphasis on the community, environment, people and products. They own and operate their facilities in an effort to control their production process and ensure a high quality standard.