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Date: 03 Mar, 2016
Source: The Barbados Advocate

Flow has landed yet another first for the country. Barbados’ leading telecommunications provider has announced that the availability of one gigabit (1 Gbps) Internet speeds has now been extended to all customers who are currently connected to the company’s ultramodern Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network.

In making the announcement, Niall Sheehy, Managing Director of Flow Barbados, said the decision has been made to meet the ever growing demand for increased bandwidth.

“Reliable access to high-speed broadband is critical to connecting Barbados to the digital world and we are especially pleased that the significant investment made in our new fibre network, as well as our 4G mobile network, is already beginning to pay dividends for our customers,” he said.

This most recent development follows Flow’s positioning of Barbados as the first country in the world to have 100 per cent FTTH broadband connectivity last year. The one gigabit was first introduced by the company in 2014 and was available on special request.

“Flow is here to provide Barbadians with the very best service and value options, and our new FTTH network has been built with future-proof technology that provides our customers with reliable access to cutting-edge products and services,” added Sheehy.

“With up to one thousand megabits per second for upload and download speeds, there’s enough bandwidth for everyone in a home, and all their devices too. Already we have more than 300 customers enjoying the fastest Internet speeds ever in the Caribbean.”

The gigabit is created with fibre optic connections and the network is configured so that the fibre optic access pipes deliver speeds of up to one gigabit per second (Gbps). One gigabit is the equivalent to one thousand megabytes.

In laymen’s terms, one gigabit is equivalent to downloading 100 million characters of text in one second. That means Internet users can stream content without any buffering, transfer data over the Internet faster than it can be written to a thumb drive, download data as fast as many computers can save the data to a hard drive, and download an entire digital movie (14 GB) in a little under two minutes.

“Flow’s superfast 1Gbps connection is actually one hundred times faster than the average connection. This means that opportunities for personal and professional growth are now being delivered at superfast speeds,” said Sheehy.