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Date: 09 Aug, 2018
Source: The Barbados Stock Exchange

Coin Start Limited has been duly registered as a Listing Sponsor of the Barbados Stock Exchange’s (BSE) International Securities Market (ISM), effective June 8, 2018. This means that Coin Start is now authorised to engage with companies, both domiciled in Barbados and abroad, that may be seeking a primary or secondary listing of securities.

Coin Start, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cotswold Insurance (Barbados) Limited, which is a Barbados Qualified Insurance Company and a member of the St. James Group of companies, specialises in ICOs and sponsoring the public listing and trading of blockchain security tokens. It is the first company to focus on working with the issuers of equity, debt, real estate, and futures to integrate blockchain technology in instruments listed and traded on a registered national stock exchange.

Managing Director of Coin Start, Sean Lowry noted, “Our team has found working in Barbados and with the BSE’s management to be a very easy experience. Their approval of our application is deeply appreciated, and their transformational commitment to listing and trading blockchain enhanced securities on the (ISM) platform is important progress in capital markets. We are particularly keen to be the first firm to work with issuers of blockchain enhanced securities representing debt, equity, real estate and futures. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work hand in hand with the Exchange to achieve our goal of a leading exchange for the most sophisticated products.”

Also expressing his sentiments was Managing Director of the BSE, Marlon Yarde. “We are pleased to announce Coin Start Ltd, as the sixth Listing Sponsor for our ISM. Coin Start’s focus on procuring securitised token listings is welcomed. The BSE embraces the concomitant responsibility of providing leadership in this field for Barbados.

We are excited to begin welcoming new and innovative listings to our Exchange. We enjoy a particularly interactive dialogue with Coin Start. Their participation and keen support is a valued addition to our core group of Listing Sponsors and lends further creditability to the competence and capability of our ISM ecosystem. We look forward to working with Coin Start’s team to ensure the ISM’s success.”

The ISM is a dedicated market for the listing and trading of securities by Issuers, who may or may not be incorporated in Barbados, that would otherwise be listed and traded on other exchanges across the world. The ISM was formally launched in Barbados on March 15, 2016.