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Date: 14 Oct, 2014
Source: Barbados Advocate

LED light manufacturer, Caribbean LED Lighting Inc. is reporting increased profits in 2014 over 2013, and projecting growth and expansion over the next few months. Headquartered in Barbados and with all its products manufactured in Barbados, the environmentally conscious company currently exports to 14 countries including Bermuda, Central America, Turks and Caicos, as well as to all CARICOM countries.

Chief Executive Officer Jim Reid, spoke about the success of the company and plans for employment expansion. “We are about 70 per cent ahead of 2013 in terms of revenue….We’ve recruited about eight to 10 staff this year and we’re going to recruit between 20 to 30 staff next year. The company is set to double. We need qualified, talented individuals to join us to experience what we are experiencing in terms of being in a growth sector.”

In keeping with the company’s “green” mandate, Reid has plans to change their fleet of vehicles to those of solar or electric powered.

“It’s completely in line with our brand values. Caribbean LED Lighting is about reducing our carbon footprint, helping people save money and protecting the planet. So driving an electric car, particularly when you can recharge it from solar panels is the most natural thing to do.”