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Date: 04 Jan, 2017
Source: Invest Barbados

Barbados’ premier business and investment publication, Business Barbados, the 2017 edition, is now available.

This informative magazine is dedicated to the business community, where a number of intriguing articles about Barbados and its offerings can be found in several areas such as international business, tourism, technology, construction and philantrophy, among others. The magazine also contains a handy Barbados Fast Facts Guide, which gives a thorough summary of key areas pertaining to the island’s history, economy, taxation, real estate, utilities and more, as well as a directory of government listings, business associations, agencies and legal services.

The Business Barbados magazine can be found in the offices of several business places in both the public and private sector. The e-book can also be viewed here or you may visit their website: to obtain a copy.