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Date: 19 Sep, 2014
Source: Barbados' Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Barbados has signed a Joint Communique to establish Diplomatic Relations with the Government of the Republic of Kenya.

The signing ceremony was held at the Barbados High Commission in London on September 3, 2014. His Excellency Mr. Ephraim Ngare, High Commissioner of the Republic of Kenya, signed on behalf of his country while His Excellency Mr. Donville Johnson signed on behalf of Barbados.

Mr. Donville Johnson, the then Acting High Commissioner for Barbados to the United Kingdom, noted that the signing signified the start of a new relationship as Barbados and Kenya embarked on building bridges and opening both countries to explore commonalities and differences, as they promote interaction between Governments and their people through cultural, economic and social activities.

Barbados hopes to establish an Honorary Consulate in Kenya in the near future.

High Commissioner Ngare also spoke to the importance of the signing of the Joint Communique and further stated that he hopes that both countries will make every effort in the near future to: ensure a diplomatic presence in each other’s capital; and establish a Joint Commission for cooperation touching on political, economic, trade, investments, cultural, scientific, tourism promotion and education issues.

Also present from the Kenyan High Commission were: Ambassador Jackline Yonga, Deputy High Commissioner and Mr. Lazarus Muganda, First Secretary. Barbados was also represented by: Euclid Goodman, Minister Counsellor; Ms. Francoise Hendy, Office of the Special Advisor; and Mrs. Kendra Gibbons, First Secretary.