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Date: 19 Jul, 2021
Source: Adapted from the Barbados Business Authority

Barbados has been commended by yet another overseas company; this time, for being an ideal jurisdiction where well-educated human resources can be found.

These were the sentiments conveyed by Simone Hilebrand, Chief Executive Officer of GeekSeat, a global technology services and staffing company.

The US based company recently expanded its operations to Barbados, with a current local staff complement of 19, which is expected to increase to 80 within six months. The expansion process was ably facilitated by the team at Invest Barbados.

“I believe I can build a very large part of the intellectual resources here,” said Hilebrand, who praised the academic excellence of Barbadians.

GeekSeat’s team creates solutions for all industries from software application to website design and product promotion. The global team comprises software developers, graphic designers, business analysts, recruitment specialists, development/operations engineers and software testers, among others. The IT consulting firm is interested in further including into its Barbados staff complement, software developers and senior accounting professionals.

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