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Date: 23 Jun, 2020
Source: Iunera and Barbados GIS

Barbados has been identified as one of the best Covid-19 recovering countries in the world. The rating was done by Iunera, breaking down each major region in the world, using Time Series Analysis to identify which countries are close to full recovery.

The analysis ranks countries on an ‘Activepercent’ scale from zero (0) to 100, with 0 representing a virus free status. Barbados, which ranked amongst the top three countries in the Americas, scored an Activepercent sum of 11.

The Barbados government, through the (Best-dos Santos) Public Health Laboratory has been very instrumental in carrying out testing for the virus, and has completed close to 7,500 tests to date. This, in conjunction with contact tracing efforts, has made the difference in identifying the active cases, and containing the spread of the disease.

Since the first case presented on March 16, Barbados has recorded 97 confirmed cases with 85 recoveries and seven (7) deaths. Currently there are only five (5) persons in isolation.