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Date: 04 Mar, 2013
Source: Invest Barbados

The 2013 edition of Barbados International Finance & Business (BIF&B) is now available. The flagship magazine of Invest Barbados is now on to its fifth edition.

The magazine provides insight into Barbados’ value proposition as an international business domicile. This year’s publication gives readers a look at why Barbados is an excellent location for international banking, international insurance, wealth management and niche manufacturing. Readers can also find out more about Barbados’ expanded market focus on Latin America and the Middle East, and how Barbados can continue to help companies in its traditional markets of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Among the pieces included in this year’s edition are: a message from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Senator the Honourable Darcy Boyce, “Barbados’ new Non-Dom Programme for High Net Worth Individuals”, “The LatAm Domicile of Choice”, “Captives in Barbados…Step by Step”, and “Barbados: Forging new Middle Eastern Connections”.

Please click to explore the BIF&B magazine.