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Date: 04 Apr, 2014
Source: Invest Barbados

The Barbados International Finance & Business 2014 magazine is now available. The magazine, which is produced by Invest Barbados, is in its sixth year of publication. It caters to the international business and financial services (IBFS) sector, as well as to investors who may be considering choosing Barbados as their preferred jurisdiction for doing business.

The Barbados International Finance & Business 2014 magazine features topical and timely articles from several experts, as well as case studies from international organisations that have successfully set up business in Barbados. Topics include wealth management, international insurance and international business, among others.

Barbados’ Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, the Hon. Donville Inniss, notes in his first contribution to the magazine the improvements made within the IBFS sector during 2013, and the initiatives being undertaken by the Barbados Government to further enhance Barbados’ value proposition. Also, find out from Emeline Taitt, CEO of Invest Barbados, how Barbados continues to build a strong international business brand.

The e-version of the Barbados International Finance & Business 2014 magazine can be viewed here. Copies of the magazine can be obtained from Invest Barbados’ overseas offices in New York, USA; Toronto, Canada; and London, England, as well as from the Corporation’s headquarters in Barbados.