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Date: 27 Oct, 2009
Source: Invest Barbados

The new Air Services Agreement between Barbados and Switzerland was signed on October 27, by Senator Maxine McClean, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade for Barbados and His Excellency Armin Ritz, Ambassador of Switzerland to Barbados. The signing ceremony took place at the Conference Room in the West Wing of the Parliament Buildings.

Senator McClean noted that the agreement should “expand international air services opportunities and facilitate increased opportunities for tourism, trade and commercial activity between our two countries.” Senator McClean also pointed out that since Barbados did not have a national airline, there was “considerable interest in facilitating the operation of airlines of its bilateral partners.” It is expected that the Air Services Agreement will create opportunities for both the travelling and shipping public to receive added options of service at competitive prices.

In endorsing Senator McClean’s comments, Ambassador Armin Ritz spoke of the excellent relationship between Barbados and Switzerland and noted that the new agreement should be mutually beneficial.

Barbados and Switzerland also have a double taxation agreement (DTA), as well as a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) in place. Details of the Barbados – Switzerland DTA are available here, while information on the BIT is available at