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Date: 03 Dec, 2014
Source: Barbados Government Information Service

Barbados remains committed to deepening and strengthening its relationship with the Republic of Cuba.

Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable Freundel Stuart, expressed these sentiments to Cuba’s new Ambassador to Barbados, Francisco Fernández Peña, who recently paid a courtesy call, along with his wife, Ana Labaot de Dios, First Secretary and Consul, at Government Headquarters. The new Ambassador was accredited as Cuba’s diplomatic representative on November 13 of this year.

Barbados and Cuba established diplomatic relations in 1972, and according to Prime Minister Stuart, the relationship between the two countries was “very special”. He indicated to Ambassador Fernández Peña that Cuba could continue to count on Barbados’ fullest support.

In turn, the Cuban Ambassador said he looked forward to working with Barbados to enhance the cooperation between the two countries.

The Ambassador and his wife also visited the office of Barbados’ Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Senator, the Honourable Maxine McClean.

Senator McClean commended the work of his predecessor, Lisette Pérez Pérez, and wished the current Ambassador a successful tour of duty. She acknowledged that, “We’ve had a very good relationship with Cuba for many, many years and with your several ambassadors. We hope you will continue where Ambassador Pérez Pérez left off.”

The Foreign Trade Minister also acknowledged the support given to Barbados over the years on the areas of sport and medicine. She told Ambassador Peña that ways to further collaborate would be discussed in the future, and there would be “opportunities to share some areas in which we have had some success”.

The Ambassador expressed his thanks and desire for Cuba to continue its relationship, thus leading to new avenues of cooperation.